Peace Street

Original lyrics by Tatyana Koroliova
Translated by Alexei Markov & J.Hardy & M. Propel

We wanted to live
In the Pease Street apartments
We wanted to keep
Unattached our souls
We wanted to keep up to date
Our lifestyles
But shells on the pavements
Have poisoned our wine bowls
We laughed and we chuckled
At all things around
We studied to factor
And multiply numbers
We had no idea
That soon we would count
Our casualties under
Artillery rumbles
Among the turquoise-blue peaks!

We had our plans
And we had expectations
Been dreaming of love
And successful careers
We wanted to live
Without drawing the swords
With no thunderstorms and
With no night-time fears
We used to miss lessons
And did not see omens
We used to watch movies
With that blood and horrors
Not knowing that soon we
Would be bitten pawns
Not knowing that soon we
Would feel own sorrows
We had no such bad dreams!