Original lyrics by Tatyana Koroliova
Translated by Alexei Markov

Iíll take my dusty, Iíll take my rusty
Old and ramshackle bike
Iíll push my way through the morning meadow dew
I will forget my bad night-time dreams, being
A teenager-like
Follow me, you!

The clear sky projects no sorrow
Just inebriating light
Donít awake, donít push, donít scare
The moment when the slanting beams of light
Race on the soggy grass
Follow me there!

Who has been turning meters
Drawn on the land like lines
Feeling no more fatigue, enjoying the ride?
Who has been dusting, who has been rushing, accelerating downhill?
A childhood of mine!

Donít miss out a second
Donít reject the time
Donít waste up all these great moments in vain!
I wanna be able to get on the saddle in case I feel
Nostalgic again.