Original lyrics by Tatyana Koroliova
Translated by Alexei Markov

In the sunset my day
Grows murky again
Disappearing at skyline glows
To be able to warm another folk
On the other side of the Earth

I got used to make a bonfire and rest
Keeping up my midnight quiet
While the Sun is racing to the West
Having left us in the night

I don’t feel it’s right
That the world around
Fold asleep and has its dreams
‘Cos nobody can hear the
Clang of the chain
That is opened till morning beams

I wander God knows where
I dwell in the strangers’ huts
My lonely grey shadow has lost me
My way can not be shortcut

And if my Sun
Does not get burnt out
It either will be sin or laugh
Though I am sure
With all its heat
You, folk, won’t get warmed enough

When finally this unsettling night
Goes deep to the depth of seas
Call in my Sun
For a drop of wine,
Down your sky trajectories…