Original lyrics by Tatyana Koroliova
Translated by Alexei Markov

Iím gonna lead you to a desolate wilderness
Where the wind sways the feathery grass
Hidden in high sterns weíll go invisible
Nobodyís gonna disturb there us

No one will break into that lea of mystery
Where Iíll tell you all my love and my hopes
Youíll be the only my careful listener
Just maybe aside from the high-gliding birds

The stars will be watching how gentle and tenderly
Youíll lip the cowberries on my hot palms
Heavens donít leave usÖ Heavens rebelliousÖ
For our future I pray in your arms

We shall wake up in the mist of the brightening
We shall wash faces with meadow-grass dew
Something will be still untold, but I donít care
The summer will tell us whatís utterly true