Green Lamp

Original music and lyrics by Tatyana Koroliova
English version by Alexei Markov

A green lamp is glowing beside my cold sofa
The rain has been playing outside
The town got windy, the courtyards got empty
The air is trembling all night

The winds blow into my icy-cold mouth
And open my narrowed eyes
I know, for sure, you値l leave me
For where the storm痴 gonna rise

Your figure got hazy, the lightning got crazy,
It痴 flashing, I知 watching you leave
I dream of your ships in the havens of plenty
I still have been badly naïve

I know you値l sail seas, I know you値l break free
From our familiar bank
Your daily routine and your earthy desires
You, darling, too hastily sank

The night痴 full of glows, the green color grows
I watch on the mirrors them come
I shall wanna see you, I am gonna hear you
No matter what have you become

The far empty spaces are boring and gloomy
You were there like a rough stream
And flows of your formerly plentiful river
Have lost their stimulant steam

But you will turn into a cloudless summer
Or maybe into a late fall
I知 sure you値l post me your silly green drawing
Or wake me with your midnight call ;